LSVA Committees are the heartbeat of LSVA; they turn member feedback into policy and keep our wonderful organization running!

Executive Committee

Chair: Wayman Randolph

Elections Committee

Chair: TBD

Membership Committee

Chair: Rolando Dans

Events and Fundraising Committee

Chair: Ruben Gomez

Skills and Development Committee

Chair: Kyle Fagan

Budget & Auditing Committee
Chair: Ken Marcel

7.1. Oversight

Each standing committee must be chaired by a Member of the LSVA in good standing. The President will suggest all Committee Chairs (including the LSVC Committee Chair) to the Board, oversee their productiveness, and may suggest replacement of Committee Chairs to the Board at any time per section 5.3.1. Committee Chairs will appoint members to each of the committees.

7.3. Ad-hoc Committees

From time to time, the Board of Directors may choose to create any number of committees to address specific needs of the Board. Ad-hoc committees may be composed by as many members as the Board directs. Each ad-hoc committee may be chaired by any member appointed to it.

Bylaw Review Committee

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We strive to promote and develop a community for all that love the sport of volleyball in the greater Houston area, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community.

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